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(1)I have a lovely dog. Its name is YoYo. I like it very much. 我有一只可爱的狗它的名字叫YOYO我非常喜欢它It has two big ears, two big and bright eyes. Its hair is brown. 。

它有两只大耳朵,两只大而明亮的眼睛它的头发是棕色的It has come to my home for a year. It has become a part of my family. It has its own house, but it likes to sleep under my bed, play in my house. 。

它已经到我家一年了它已成为我家庭的一部分它有它自己的房子,但它喜欢睡在我的床下,在我家玩I like talking to it, because its a friend worth of trusting. I would like to share my happy things with it. When I am sad, talking to it makes me feel good. I am happy to have such a lovely friend.。

我喜欢和它说话,因为这是一个值得信赖的朋友我想与它分享我的快乐的东西当我悲伤的时候,和它说话让我感觉很好我很高兴有这样一个可爱的朋友(2)I have a one-year-old dog. It is called "No-No". Last year, my father gave it to me as my birthday gift.。

我有一只一岁大的小狗,它的名字是“诺诺”它是我爸爸去年送给我的生日礼物No-No is small and lovely. It has a pair of black eyes and a pair of dropping ears.。

诺诺很小,也很可爱它有一双黑眼睛和一对耷拉着的耳朵Also, it is fluffy and its hair is white and soft. When you touch it, you will feel it very smooth.。

当然了,它浑身都是毛茸茸的它的毛是白色的,很柔软你摸它的时候会感觉很光滑No-No is not quiet. It is very playful and lively. It likes playing with a ball very much. It always runs around me when I play ball games.。

诺诺不安静它非常爱玩,也很活跃它非常喜欢玩球每次我玩球的时候它都围着我跑来跑去I like No-No because it is more intelligent than other dogs. It knows a lot of tricks. For example, it can sit, beg and roll over.。

我喜欢诺诺,因为它比其它狗都聪明它懂得很多把戏比如:坐下、用后腿站立,举起前腿以及翻滚In addition,if you put it in a new place,it can find the way back home easily.。

另外,如果你把它带到一个新地方,它可以很容易地找到回家的路No-No is like my sincere friend. While I am unhappy, I will talk with it and it always listens to me. No-No is really my good friend.。

诺诺就像我的一个真诚的朋友我不高兴的时候,我会和它说话,它总能听我讲诺诺真是我的好朋友(3)last year, my friend gave me a little dog.I was fond of him very much. I liked to play with him after school and he liked to follow me wherever I went. I was very glad that I had a "body guard".。

去年,朋友送我一只小狗,我非常喜欢它,放学后就和它一起玩耍,无论我走到哪儿它都跟在身后我很高兴有这样一位保镖Last winter I was very busy with my lessons and came home very late every day. However, no matter how late I went home, my dog used to stand at a coner near my school waiting for me. When I passed there, he barked two or three times then ran towards me. It seemed that he was calling me.。

去年冬天我忙于功课,每天回家都很晚然而无论我到家多晚,这只小狗总是在学校附近的一个角落处等我当我从那经过时,它全冲我叫两声然后跑过来,似乎它是在叫我My dog not only took good care of me, but also was respoasible at home. When strangers came to my house, he barked at them but not hurt them. What a lovely dog he is! 。


(1)A week ago, my best friend gave me a lovely cat. I love it very much. 一周前,我最好的朋友给了我一只可爱的猫我非常喜欢它It is special. Its fur is black not yellow. So I call it little black. It has the same taste with me. We all like eating fish. So, after it comes to my home, nearly every meal will appear fish. 

它很特别它的毛是黑色的而不是黄色的我叫它小黑它跟我有着同样的口味我们都很喜欢吃鱼所以它来到我家后,几乎每餐都会有鱼I like playing with it. It always makes me laugh. Every morning, it will wake me up. It brings much happiness for me.。

我喜欢跟它玩它总是能让我笑每天早上,它还会叫我起床它带给我很多快乐(2)When I was a child, I raised a pet, named Lucky. He is a cat. 在我还是个孩子的时候,养了一只叫做 Lucky 的宠物。

他是一只猫His fur is soft with yellow and white color. Lucky is a good boy. He always behaves well. 他的毛很柔软,是黄色和白色。

Lucky是一个好男孩他总是很听话I remember when my uncle took him back to my home at first, I was afraid of him. But soon I found him is very interesting. I started to play with him. As time goes, we like each other very much. 

我记得当我叔叔带他来到我家的时候,我很怕他但不久后,我发现他很有趣我开始和他玩随着时间的推移,我们都互相非常喜欢对方And then my uncle gave him to me. I was so happy. Now he always lies beside me quietly when I’m doing my homework. 。

然后我叔叔就把他送给了我我非常高兴现在他总是在我做家庭作业的时候悄悄地躺在我的身边As winter comes, he will sleep with me. Sometimes he will dance for me, which is very funny and sometimes his hands are wet would leave many “plum flower” on the ground. He is so lovely.   。


(1)Last year, my father bought me a rabbit as my birthday present, I feel so happy, because I want to raise a pet for a long time. 

去年,爸爸给我买了一只兔子作为我的生日礼物,我觉得很开心,因为我很早以前就想要养宠物I named my rabbit Lucy. Lucy is very quiet, she likes eating carrot. I give her small piece of carrot twice a day, she eats little. 。

我把这只兔子叫做露西,露西很安静,她喜欢吃胡萝卜我每天给她两次一小片胡萝卜,她吃很少I take care of her carefully, Lucy is my best friend now, sometimes I will say my secret to her.。

我很仔细地照顾她,露西现在是我的好朋友了,有时候我会把我的秘密告诉她(2)One day, my mother bought two little rabbits for me. I was very happy.。

一天,我妈妈给我买了两只小兔子我很高兴From that on, the two little rabbits became my good friends. They have two little ears, red eyes, with white and fat boby. Theyre marvellous.。

从那以后,两只小兔子成了我的好朋友他们有两只小耳朵,红色的眼睛,白白胖胖的身体他们是不可思议的Everyday, they play with each other happily. One day, I couldnt find them. I asked my mother: ”Where are they? ” My mother told me that she didn’t know. At last, I found them in the grass. They were very dirty. I was angry, but when I looked at their lovely faces, I was happy again.。

每天,他们快乐地玩耍有一天,我找不到他们我问妈妈:“他们在哪儿?”我妈妈告诉我她不知道最后,我在草地上找到了它们他们很脏我很生气,但当我看着他们可爱的脸时,我又高兴起来I love my little rabbits, and they love me. They are my good friends forever.。

我爱我的小兔子,它们也爱我他们永远是我的好朋友(3)Little Snow is my pet. It is very lovely.小雪是我的宠物它很可爱I always feed it by myself.Vegetables and fruits are its favourite food.。

我经常自己喂它它最喜欢的食物是蔬菜和水果I also bring it to the garden once a week for jogging and fresh air. It likes running and sleeping under the sun.。

每周我会把它带到花园里做一次慢跑锻炼,也呼吸一下新鲜空气它喜欢跑步和在太阳底下睡觉But it fears strangers!It has a pure white coat and a pair of red eyes.。

但是它害怕陌生人!它有一身纯白色的毛和一双红红的眼睛Now,do you know what it is? Yes, its a little rabbit.现在,你知道它是什么了吧?是的,它是一只小兔子。

(1)Nobody likes being lonely, I dont like either, so I keep a cute little hamster.没有人喜欢寂寞,我也一样,所以我养了一只可爱的小仓鼠。

When small hamster "salsa" came to my house, it is only six months old,small, like a dumpling, narrowing its eyes. Because theres no place to keep it, my mothers c olleague sent it to my home.

一开始小仓鼠“莎莎”来到我家时,它才仅仅六个月大,小得像一个汤圆一样,眯着眼睛因为妈妈同事家没有地方养,所以就把莎莎送给了我们Because Sashas claws friction on the ground will be a "rustling" sound, so we call it Salsa. Sasha likes running. I put it in a transparent, breathable ball, it immediately begins to run. It seems it likes the ball very much.。

之所以叫它莎莎是因为它的爪子在地上摩擦起来会有“沙沙”的声音,所以就叫它莎莎莎莎很喜欢跑步,我把它放到一个透明的,透气的球里,它立刻就跑起来,它似乎很欢喜这个球Sasha likes eating bread.It will run to me when 。

I have bread or something like that. It will drink water if its choked. Its very cute. I love my pet, Sasha.

莎莎很喜欢吃面包我手上一有面包之类的东西它就奔过来,吃噎着了就喝水它十分可爱我爱我的宠物,莎莎 (2)I always miss my favorite hamster. When I was young, my grandmother gave me a hamster as a birthday gift. 。

我总是想念我最喜欢的仓鼠小时候,奶奶送给我一只仓鼠作为生日礼物She was white, small and cute, her name was Mimi. She was my favorite pet. When I was after school, I fed her with some green grasses, when she felt thirsty , she would go to her small house to drink. Her house was a box, I put some soft cloth in it, so, it was warm and tidy.。

她是白色的又小又可爱,她的名字叫咪咪她是我最喜欢的宠物当我放学后,我喂她一些绿色的草,当她感到口渴时,她会去她的小房子喝她的房子是一个盒子,我在里面放了一些软布,所以它是温暖和整洁的One day I took her for a walk, she was so happy, she waved her small tail to me, I thought she wanted to do some sports, because she wanted to keep fit and make herself healthy. 。

有一天我带她散步,她很高兴,她挥舞着她的小尾巴给我,我想她想做一些运动,因为她想保持健康,使自己健康On a sunny day. My cousin came and visited me , she had a hamster too. We thought the hamster should stay together so I sent my hamster to my cousin’s house.。

在晴朗的日子我的表妹来拜访我,她也有一只仓鼠我们认为仓鼠应该待在一起,所以我把仓鼠送到我堂兄的家里I knew they would be happy to stay together.我知道他们会很高兴在一起。

(1)I like keeping goldfish. 我喜欢养金鱼First, goldfish look very beautiful because they have beautiful colour. If you keep goldfish, they will make you feel pleased. 。

首先,金鱼看起来非常漂亮,因为他们有漂亮的颜色如果你有金鱼,它们会让你感到高兴的Second, goldfish eat less, and their food is very cheap. They cost you less money. 。

第二,金鱼吃得少,而且他们的食物非常便宜他们花费更少的钱Third, it is difficult to keep goldfish alive. If you keep them, you need to take care of them carefully. In addition, you have to be patient enough. It can develop your responsibility. So I enjoy keeping goldfish.。

第三,金鱼不好养活如果你养他们,那么你需要仔细照顾他们另外,你要有足够的耐心它可以培养你的责任心所以我喜欢养金鱼(2)I have nine little goldfish.Eight are orange and one is black .。

我有九条小金鱼八条金鱼都是桔黄色的,只有一条是黑的I like the black one best. We call it Xiao Hei .Its body is black .我最喜欢那条黑的我们叫它小黑。

它全身都是黑色的It has two big and round eyes, a small mouth ,and a big tail. Though its very small ,it swims fast . I often feed them and change water for them. We are good friends . 

它有两只又大又圆的眼睛,一张小嘴和一条大尾巴尽管它非常小,但它却游得很快我常常去喂它们,给它们换水我们是好朋友 (3)I received many presents when I had my eleven birthday party. My parents gave me a teddy bear, my uncle gave me a book. My best friend gave me a goldfish. Among all the gifts, I love the goldfish best. 。

在我11岁生日聚会的时候,我收到了很多礼物我的父母给了我一个玩具熊,我的叔叔给了我一本书我最好的朋友给了我一条金鱼在所有的礼物中,我最喜欢金鱼I always want to have a pet in the family, but my parents don’t allow me to keep one. Now I have my own goldfish. I will keep it and take good care of it. 。

我一直想在家里养一只宠物,但是我父母不允许我养现在我有了自己的金鱼我会保管好它,好好照顾它This goldfish is very beautiful. Its colour is pink. I love watching it swimming in the water. Sometimes, I will feed it. I wish it can grow up with me. This is the best birthday present ever!。


(1)Turtle is an animal which lives in water and sometimes it creeps on dry land.It has rough skin and has a round shell. The shell on its back is hard and large. 

龟是一种生活在水中的动物,有时也在陆地上爬行它有粗糙的皮肤,有一个圆圆的壳这壳又硬又大,长在背上The turtlel can hide its head and legs in its shell. When you touch it, it will stretch out its neck from the hard shell, then hold up its head and look at you kindly. Its eyes are round, just like beans. It creeps very slowly. It is very funny. 。

乌龟能把它的头和腿缩到硬壳里当你碰它的时候,它就会从坚硬的龟壳里伸出脖子,然后抬起头,友好地看着你它的眼睛很圆,就点像豆子那样它爬得很慢,非常有趣(2)We have got two new family members. They are two tortoises. I like them very much.。

今天我们家添了两位新成员:两只乌龟我非常喜欢它们Theyre very lovely. We give them a big house—a beautiful tank. They can swim in it every day.。

它们非常可爱我们给了它们一个很大的房子:一个漂亮的水槽它们每天都可以在里面游泳We put some beautiful rocks and some seaweed inside. They can play on the rocks and sleep beside the water plants.。

我们在水槽里放了一些漂亮的石头和海草它们能在石头上玩,在水草边栖息I think they will enjoy staying in their new house.我想它们会喜欢待在它们的新家里(3)

Hi! Good friends. My name is Susie. I’m ten years old. This is my pet. It’s a turtle. He is also ten years old. His name is Sandwich. He eats ten small fishes every day .

你好,朋友,我叫苏西,我今年10岁,这是我的宠物,它是一只乌龟它的名字叫三明治,它每天要吃十条小鱼Look at him! He has a beautiful shell and two small eyes. He also has a long tail.。

看看它,他有一个漂亮的外壳和两个小眼睛,还有一条长长的尾巴Now my turtle wants to have a little sister. They can play, sleep and walk together. Now, Mr. Sandwich, please reach out your hand and say “bye-bye.” 。